The partnership between school and families is one of the most important relationships in the Catholic education system.

St Joseph’s School Barmera strives to create a vibrant, supportive, and faith-filled learning environment for all students.

The partnership between school and families is integral to this mission.

St Joseph’s recognises the importance of engaging families in the learning process and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

Families are responsible for providing support, guidance, and encouragement for their children, and schools are responsible for providing a safe and nurturing environment for their students.

St Joseph’s School Barmera also strives to foster a sense of community among families and students, creating a sense of belonging and a shared mission to promote the growth of all students. Through this partnership, the school and families work together to ensure that students are spiritually and academically prepared for the future.

Ways we connect with families...

Learning Journey Interviews

St Joseph’s School Barmera hosts parent/teacher conferences in terms 1 and 3 to help parents stay up to date on their child’s progress in school. These conferences are an excellent opportunity for families to form a partnership with the school and allow the school to gain a better understanding of individual student’s educational needs.

Family Engagement Events

St Joseph’s School Barmera hosts a variety of family engagement events throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for school staff to meet with families and students outside of tuition hours.

Whole school events

There are many opportunities throughout the year that allows the community to gather. St Joseph’s School Barmera encourages parents to get involved in their child’s education.


St Joseph’s School Barmera encourages parents and carers to stay in communication with school staff. This can be done through regular seesaw messages and phone calls to the school. This communication helps to ensure that the school is aware of any changes in the family’s educational needs, and allows us to better serve your child.


St Joseph's School Barmera provides both termly class newsletters and fortnightly school newsletters to ensure effective communication between the school and home. The termly class newsletters are sent out at the beginning of each school term and provide a detailed overview of the work that will be covered over the term, as well as highlighting any upcoming events or activities.

The fortnightly school newsletters provide updates on the school’s activities and events, as well as news from the teachers, students, and the wider Barmera community. Both newsletters are an important way to keep parents and carers informed and up-to-date with the school’s activities, and help to ensure that a positive and open dialogue is maintained between home and school.