Catholic Education South Australia

Spiritual growth

All students are invited to join in a range of activities that promote their spiritual well-being. The school is involved in the life of the Berri-Barmera Parish and the students are involved in formal liturgical celebrations in the Church, school and class prayer celebrations including:

  • Sacramental program and celebrations: children are prepared to celebrate the sacraments of the church.
  • Faith formation: for all staff and children there are opportunities to discuss, share and reflect on our life journey as people of faith.
  • Religious education curriculum: As a Catholic school, we offer Religious Education as a key learning area, and use the Crossways curriculum framework.
  • Made in the Image of God: this is a program that has a focus on family life, human sexuality and development
  • Mini Vinnies: see above
  • Pastoral Worker as a support person: We share a pastoral worker with three other schools in the Riverland, and that role is designed to be a support for families and children within the school context.

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