Catholic Education South Australia

School fees

As with all Catholic schools, fees are an important aspect of our ability to provide a good education.

We receive support through State and Australian Government funding, however a significant amount of costs need to be met through school fees. We are dependent on this income to provide educational facilities and resources and cover the basic running costs of the school including utility bills, cleaning and maintenance.

We strive to keep our fees affordable, so we are able to offer a quality Catholic education to all families in our community.

School Fee structure 2011 (based on 3 terms)

Tuition Fees

Per child per term $275.00 per term
3rd child 50% charge $137.50 per term
4th child 15% charge $ 41.25 per term

Building Levy

Per family per term $70.00 per term

Composite Fee

Per student per year $285.00
Students completing a full year are invoiced in terms 1,2 and 3 only.

Fee payment assistance

Families who qualify for support under the SA Government School Card Scheme are entitled to a remission of 40% per term per child for tuition and $139 per child per year for composite fee for the full year.

And if your family needs some help in meeting your financial commitment, our school will negotiate to develop a personal payment plan which may include part time payment and direct debit.

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