Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you do not have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school. Catholic schools accept students of all faiths and backgrounds.

Generally, students at St Joseph’s School in Barmera are expected to attend 1 class mass and two whole school masses throughout each term.

Our school fees are more affordable than people often expect.

As a school we want to work with families to make an education at St Joseph’s School affordable. There are different types of arrangements that can be organised. There are significant discounts for low income families. Payments towards school fees can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by the term. 

It’s best to make an appointment and have a confidential conversation with the principal to discuss your unique needs.

Catholic schools, are not private schools. St Joseph's Barmera, in particular, is a welcoming community that embraces students of all backgrounds in the spirit of St Mary MacKillop.

St Joseph’s School in Barmera provides a range of support programs to help students thrive in all aspects of learning. These programs include both academic and non-academic support such as:

  1. Dedicated Educational Support Officers who, in collaboration with teachers, provide individualised support and guidance to students who need assistance in their studies and other matters.
  2. A range of intervention programs to assists students who need additional help in their learning, including early intervention programs to help students who are struggling and provide them with the necessary support to help them succeed.
  3. Student Wellbeing Programs which focus on the social, emotional and mental health of students and provides them with the necessary support and resources to help them develop strong social and emotional skills.
  4. School Counselling Program. The School Counselling program is a voluntary and highly confidential service. The service can be provided on-site at the school, off-site at Centacare Catholic Country SA, online via Health Direct, or over the phone. The service is flexible and can be tailored to individual need.
  5. The school also provides regular pastoral care programs, these offer a safe and supportive environment for students, and helps them stay on track with their studies.

Multi-aged classes at St Joseph's School Barmera offer a variety of benefits, both to the students and to the school itself. Educational research finds that multi-aged classes can help students to develop a greater level of social and emotional maturity, as they are exposed to a variety of age levels and perspectives. Students in multi-aged classes are also more likely to develop greater self-confidence, as they are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the class and to help younger students.

Multi-aged classes also offer advantages to the teachers, as they are able to focus on teaching the entire range of ages in the classroom, rather than having to teach multiple classes of the same age group. This allows for more time to be spent on individual instruction and for teachers to be able to use a variety of teaching methods that are more tailored to the needs of the students. Additionally, research indicates that multi-aged classes can help to reduce the amount of disruptions in the classroom, as the students are more likely to be engaged and motivated by the activities taking place.

Finally, multi-aged classes can also provide a greater sense of community within the school. By having students of different ages working together, they are more likely to develop a greater sense of cooperation, understanding, and respect for one another, which leads to a stronger school culture for students to be part of.