From Kindergarten to Primary School

School Ready Transition Program

Getting ready for school is an important milestone in your little one’s life and it requires a strong foundation to help children start this amazing journey of learning.

We work in partnership with you to assist both you and your child with the transition and orientation process.

At St Joseph’s School Barmera, we understand that school readiness is not all about academics.

We recognise that young children learn best through play, and that more important than skill development is their development of social and emotional wellbeing which is needed to be an active and positive learner.

We offer a School Ready Transition Program for students enrolled to start in Reception in January or start Reception mid-year. The program is run on Wednesdays during the 2 terms prior to your child starting school and is facilitated by qualified educators.

This holistic program includes learning routines, respect for self and others and academic skills, to develop the confidence and independence that your child will need as they start school, helping to build a solid foundation for later learning.

The program promotes your child's interests and assists them in becoming an active learner. The program and our extensive educational resources provide opportunities for your child to develop to their full potential whilst having fun at the same time. 

From Primary School to Secondary School

Continuing a Catholic education.

The move from primary to secondary education is an exciting and important step for our students.

There is an established Catholic secondary school pathway in the Riverland.

St Francis of Assisi College in Renmark is a Catholic secondary school for Years 7-12 offering an extensive range of subject choices including Arts, Science, Technology and Sport. The College offers a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests, including a specialist rowing program.

St Joseph’s School Barmera and St Francis of Assisi College have a strong relationship, reflected in the many students from St Joseph’s School Barmera that choose this secondary pathway.

Primary students from St Joseph’s School have direct access to St Francis of Assisi College and its resources throughout their primary schooling so they become familiar with the College and its community.

This also provides students with the opportunity to be exposed to the expectations and requirements of secondary education, including the development of study skills and the exploration of subject areas. Students also gain an understanding of the courses available at St Francis of Assisi College to help them make informed decisions about their future studies.

In addition, we provides students with access to a range of support services to ensure they are ready for the transition to secondary education. These services include mentoring, counselling and guidance to ensure that students are supported throughout the process.