School Uniform

Uniforms help to create a sense of unity and belonging within the school, help to minimize distractions and bullying, and help to create a safe and respectful learning environment. They also help to create a sense of pride in the school and help to instil discipline and good behaviour in the students. Additionally, uniforms can help to reduce the financial burden of purchasing expensive clothing for school, as well as help to reduce time spent on getting dressed in the morning.

St Joseph's School in Barmera has a uniform which is required to be worn by all students attending the school. The uniform consists of a formal summer uniform for terms one and four, a formal winter uniform for terms two and three and a year-round sports uniform. Students are required to wear a school hat when outdoors.

Parents can purchase the school uniform from the school's uniform shop. See staff in the office for sizing and prices.

The school also has a well-stocked second-hand uniform shop that all families can access for free.