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Do you have to be Catholic to attend St Joseph’s School?

We are a Catholic school and ask all students and families to support the Catholic ethos and values in which our community is grounded. We have children from diverse religious backgrounds as well as those who have no particular faith, all of which we respect, welcome and celebrate in our community.

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When can my child start school?

Children start school when they are five years old.

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Will St Joseph’s accept enrolments at any year level?

St Josephs offers Reception to Year 7 and will accept enrolments throughout the year depending on availability.

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How do I enrol my child at St Joseph’s?

You make an appointment and meet with the school principal and then lodge an application form.

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What is the transition process for new receptions?

The Reception teacher and class visit the preschool in the first few weeks of each term.
All new children who are starting school the following term are invited to attend four transition visits as a lead up to beginning school.
The first visit consists of a 2 ½ hour visit and the length of the visit gradually increases to allow the child to eventually experience of attending school for a full day.

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How many students are in each primary school class?

St Joseph’s school follows recommendations from Catholic Education South Australia regarding class sizes. In Reception and Year One the maximum number of students is 25 and from Year 2 to Year 7 this number is 29.

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Where can the school uniform be purchased?

Full summer, winter and sports uniform can be purchased from our school uniform shop. Second hand uniforms are also available. Appointments may be made through the school office.

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Do you have a no-nuts policy?

Yes, we have a no nuts policy. No students or staff are able to bring nuts or nut products to school.

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How much are the school fees and how can I make the payments?

School fees are outlined in the ‘Enrolment and Fees’ section of this web site. We have also included payment options that are available for parents.

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