Learning Areas


St Joseph's School in Barmera is home to a small but well-stocked library with a great selection of books, magazines and other resources.

The library is located in the office building, allowing easy access to all students.

It is a brightly lit room with plenty of natural light and comfortable seating and tables for studying and browsing and a separate area for children to play and explore.

We also have board games, puzzles and other activities to keep student's minds active. 

The library has a large collection of both fiction and non-fiction books with a wide range of genres and computers with internet access.

Students love our shaded outdoor library area with benches, tables and beanbags for students to learn, relax and have fun.

Discovery Room

Our Discovery Room offers students an exciting and engaging way to explore hands on learning through a range of technologies.

The room provides a safe and accessible environment for students to explore and experiment with technology and its applications.

Equipped with computers, robotic kits, building tools, and other interactive resources, students can use the room to develop their digital literacy, coding skills and problem-solving abilities.

The Discovery Room also provides a platform for students to collaborate and develop their creative and critical thinking skills. 

Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor learning areas are designed for students to explore and discover their local environment, while also learning and having fun outside!

  • A hammock station: for students to relax, read a book or just enjoy the fresh air.
  • A playground: including a basketball court, soccer field and several play structures for children to explore and develop their physical skills.
  • A nature play area: students can explore the outdoors and engage in creative play such as building a den or playing with water.
  • A vegetable garden: where students can learn about growing and harvesting foods. There is also an orchard with different varieties of fruit trees.
  • Native garden: for students to learn about Australian flora, fauna and insects native to the area, as well as the importance of conservation and sustainability.