School Improvement


Clarity by Educational Researcher Lynn Sharratt provides St Joseph’s School Barmera with a simple and effective process to measure educational excellence and identify areas for improvement. The Clarity system enables our school to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction, and environment, and to use this information to guide our decision-making. Clarity provides St Joseph’s School Barmera with a comprehensive assessment of our performance, enabling us to create and implement an effective school improvement plan. The Clarity system also helps identify opportunities for improvement, such as new resources and ways to better serve students. By implementing Clarity, St Joseph’s School Barmera continues to improve its practice, student learning and outcomes and create a learning environment that is conducive to educational excellence.

Living Learning Leading Framework

Thriving People, Capable Learners, Leaders for the World God Desires...

The Catholic Education South Australia Living, Learning, Leading Framework is a set of guiding principles designed to provide catholic schools and educators with the tools to create an innovative and successful learning environment for all students to thrive in.

The Framework provides a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning. It promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration and encourages learners to take ownership of their learning.

The framework is based on the idea that education should be about more than just memorising facts and figures; it should also be about developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become lifelong learners.

The Framework is broken down into three main components: living, learning, and leading.


This component focuses on creating a safe and nurturing environment where learners can feel supported and accepted. It emphasises creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning by providing an atmosphere of respect, open communication, and collaboration.


This component emphasizes the importance of developing skills for today, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. It also stresses the importance of using technology to support learning and developing meaningful relationships among learners, teachers, and parents.


This component focuses on developing self-awareness, leadership, and responsibility. It encourages learners to take ownership of their learning and to be proactive in their pursuit of knowledge. It also stresses the importance of developing healthy relationships with peers and adults.