Catholic Education South Australia


The safety and well-being of all students is paramount. We have a number of initiatives and programs designed to keep our children safe:

  • Kidsmatter: Promotes social and emotional learning for students and a positive school community where everyone belongs.
  • Coolness under pressure: Teaches children to cope with anger and frustration by teaching them positive strategies for responding in difficult situations.
  • Choice theory: children learn that the only behavior they can control is their own, and that all behavior is chosen.
  • Conflict resolution: children learn the social skills of working out positive ways of resolving problems and difficulties with other people.
  • Peer mediation: a Program that is about children solving their own problems, rather than having someone else step in to make decisions or provide a consequence.
  • Way to go: A government initiative that teaches children road rules, how to be safe crossing roads, walking or riding to school.
  • Bluearth; a program designed to promote exercise as a habit, to address the integration of body, mind and spirit through participation and cooperation in physical activity.

We would be pleased to speak with you about any of our programs. Please feel free to speak to the Secretary at the School office.

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